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Laser Cutting


Our Laser Cutter, which will be delivered shortly, makes the previously impossible (or exorbitantly expensive) a reality.So, if you would like to produce a Business Card with hundreds of tiny pin holes then we can do it. If you would like to produce a mailer with a breakout at the top then we can do it, no matter how intricate the design and if you fancy sending a promotion to coffee lovers with a personalised topping sprinkler then we can do that too.

Plus the cutter can be controlled so precisely that bespoke Kiss cut labels which still sit on the backing sheet can be produced, personalised to each recipient and the laser is powerful enough to cut and score bespoke boxes in quantities from just one upwards.

We will soon incorporate Laser Cutting as a finishing option you can order online for many of our products. In the meantime we would be pleased to quote for your requirements which we will fulfil using a machine at the Laser Cutter Manufacturer's works. If you would like to watch the Motion Cutter in action please look at the You tube video at http://youtu.be/772-0Q-jw6k