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Direct Mail Project

It is certain that targeted promotion and marketing of products or services is essential if a business is to realise its potential. Direct mail is considered to be one of the very best ways of presenting a marketing message. It is the way that forward thinking companies maintain their competitive edge.

Data Requirements

Would you like us to procure data for you?        
Would you like us to clean your existing data?

Printing Variable Information

Would you like us to print variable information for you?    

Envelopes Requirement

Would you like envelopes?    

Mail Fulfilment

Setup Cost   £38.00
Number of Inserts NB Letter + Leaflet = 2 Inserts
  x Number of records     x £0.011
Inserts also on order  

NB: Not all inserts are machine insertable. Non insertable items must be hand inserted at additional cost.

Mail Sort

Whenever possible jobs should be mail sorted. If mail sort can be used the saving on post will usually more than cover all the Direct Mail Costs.
Setup Cost   £22.00
No.of records( min. 4000 for DL & C5, 1000 for C4)  

Postage Costs

Would you also like to pay for your postage online?    

Special Instructions

Please provide any special instructions or comments that you would like to pass on along with the order

NB. These costs do not include the postage. Postage is charged at cost.
        All Prices are Plus VAT and Carriage.

Please fill in all the information above, press Get Prices to view the job description and pricing.